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About Advanced Software

Advanced Software is here to create better organizations and enhance their operations to make them excel in their field.

We work with you to reach the desired results and take you tot he next level in your work.

Mission & Vision

What We Believe In


Empowering businesses and entities around the world to achieve higher faster better environmental friendly work


Creating world class technology solutions that aims to help businesses achieve their work.

Our Products


The AdvancedERP is the new way to manage your business work. Where you can manage all your business aspects from one place.

Inventory Management

Manage all your products and stock in a single place

Suppliers Management

Work with your suppliers to manage your orders and inventory

Orders Management

Create quotes for your clients and send it to them in real time

We provide you with top notch work and experienced staff


Software Development

Creating softwares to match your needs and work


Helping you monitor your environment via sensors and devices connected to the Internet, in real time

IT Infrastructure

Creating your organization network, servers and setup needed software for you to run


Our hard working team

Amr Swalha

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

10+ years as an IT expert working in different companies and countries to help clients solve their problems and achieve a higher results.


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